Music in Your Area Now

Just like when I owned a local record store, there was always good music you can find in your area.  Now of course if you live in a more rural area it may be harder for you to find live music or a place to meet up to talk about music, but it is out there.  Also, some of the things you have to look forwards to are festivals and even the local band in a bar.  We have such good music here in Missouri and I am sure you will be able to find something you like near you.

Joy of Music Festivals

Finding Music Ideas That You Love

A great idea to find music you love in your area is to start looking online or calling some of the local bars/restaurants.  They will usually have different music on different nights and you can usually count on a band being there on a Friday night.  This usually gives me the most success when looking for live music.  I will usually meet up with family and friends as well to enjoy music that we share in common.

Another place that I have found is on fliers.  I go on walks in the morning with my two dogs and I see fliers and even billboards of some of the bands that will be playing in my area.  Now, not all bands are free to listen to but in most cases you can find some good deals.  Again, looking online will usually give you ideas on how much tickets will cost if you want to see a well known band.

If you love classical or band music then you are usually in luck.  We have a university near us where we get to hear the college band perform for free and it is always an amazing show.  We get to hear some of the most famous music created centuries ago and it is still just as good.  It is always fun to dress up to these events or take your partner out on a date.

Participate in the Local Music Scene

Most members of any band that I have come across are usually friendly and will take a minute to chat with you.  The best way to meet some of these band members is to volunteer at local events.  Not only will you possibly get paid for helping out, you will have stories to tell for years to come.  The after parties are usually pretty crazy.

If you are an artist yourself or wanting to become one then it may be a good time to find a band or perform locally.  People are always looking to hear something new and if you have music in your heart it may be a good idea to perform.  There are so many talented artists out there looking for another person to add to the group so don’t think you don’t have anything to offer.  Either as a guest or a performer, each event needs more of you.  When you get out, you will meet new friends and have a great time listening to music.